Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 87


Well that was a pretty nice week here in San Pedro. We attended the worldwide missionary conference and were well trained. Here is a picture of our Guadalupe Zone:

Honestly, there's not too much to report on; it was a pretty typical week here in the mission.

Well this week we have been doing a lot of work searching out all of the less-active members here in San Pedro. We've been going through the records here and looking for all of the members in our branch and updating all of their information. It's super interesting meeting all of the old members and finding out how long they have been members and getting to know them more.

This week hasn't been one of the easiest weeks ever though. We are having a little bit of problems between companions and I am helping him out a lot get into the missionary work that we have to do. We are resolving conflicts and figuring out how to work here. He reminds me of myself when I had less time in the mission and I realize how much I have learned in these past few months.

I have also had a lot of fun taking some pictures this week.
There was a power outage in San Pedro at like 4 am and my companion woke me up to check it out. I was able to take this sweet pic with the new camera and some editing functions it has:

I haven't seen that many stars in a while.
I also got some pretty sweet sunset pictures:

Well that's all I got for this week, and I'm looking forward to the month of February!

Elder Terry

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