Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 91


And there goes the first week of the transfer, still here in San Pedro de Lloc! And also enjoying a wonderful leap day, February 29th.

Well, I did have some good pictures to send right now, including one with my old companion and one with my new companion, but as I was getting the pics on the computer, a virus got on it and destroyed everything on the memory in an instant. I had backed up all of my pictures last week, so I only lost a few, but I lost all of them that I took this week. Sorry mom.

Well this week has been amazing. After having a few difficulties with my last comp, it was amazing to see how great things are in the mission again. So I am now with Elder Gubler from Saint George and he is pretty awesome. He is just as experienced as I am and is going to finish just one transfer after me and he is probably going to be my last comp. We are really similar personality wise, which gives us both some thing that we can improve here. This week especially, we have seen many miracles in our area and it is amazing to see how much the Lord trusts in his faithful servants.

Also, we are both district leaders here and share all of the responsabilities. As district leaders we do many things. We work with normally about 6 missionaries and to close follow up to the people they are teaching and how they are working. We call our district at least 3 times a week to report their work, and we also give a class in our weekly district meetings. We also report directly to the zone leaders everything that's going on in our districe. Some of the cooler responsabilities are that we are able to do work visits with the Elders inside of our district, which means to change companions for a day to get to work with them close up, and we also get to do the baptismal interviews with the investigators that the missionaries in our district have taught. Those are some of the main responsabilities and I have learned so much to be able to help and encourage closely other missionaries here.

Well we got a lot of work to do and with my birthday coming up, I am really going to enjoy it with the members here. Until next week!

Elder Terry

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 90


Another week completed in the mission, and also finishing of my 15th transfer. Wow. It's one of those moments where you feel like the time has flown and only a little bit of time remains.

Well to start, here are some pictures from these last 2 weeks.
Here is one of our zone popping water balloons to figure out our goal for baptisms and rescues for February:
They took a continuous shot of about 50 pictures and this was the best.

Also this week, we had a baptism in our branch. The sisters that are in our branch taught a girl named Ana Karina who was baptized by our Branch President last Saturday:

As you can see in this picture, we now have a missionary couple assigned to our zone, which is the Guadalupe District. They are going to be helping every one in all of the branches to go to the temple and are going to be giving a temple class for all of those people. It is exactly what our district needs right now.

Well this has honestly been a really difficult transfer for me, but I am really grateful for having gone through it. I was able to recognize a lot of my weaknesses and improve a lot of them. We had some ups and downs with my companion, but we were able to learn a lot from eachother and it helped me reflect a lot about my personal progress that I have had as a missionary.

Well, there are transfers. It looks like after only being here for 6 weeks, my companion is heading out back to Trujillo. But the really interesting part is that my companion is going to be Elder Gubler, who finishes the mission only one transfer after me. This means that we are going to be co-district leaders here in San Pedro, and it is going to be awesome! I already know him and I am looking forward to this next transfer. Also, this transfer is 2 weeks longer, making it a total of 8 weeks due to some changes in the MTC. I'm looking forward to it!

Elder Terry

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 89


Well, the days just keep counting down, and the time remaining keeps getting shorter and shorter.

Well this has been a really interesting week and probably a week where I have learned the most in a while. I have been able to overcome many difficulties in this time and I am proud to be where I am right now.

Well my time has run super short this week, and I also left my camara in one of our meetings so I wasn't able to take any pictures the whole week. But I am doing fine over here and finishing up the last week of the transfers.

We did have a really nice Valentine's day activity in our branch on Saturday. It was a couples night and every one gathered to watch videos, sing karaoke, play games, eat, and dance. We helped out with all of the investigators and less-actives that went and it had a good turn out. Other than that, not too much to celebrate for Valentine's day.

Sorry for keeping it short, but I will make up for it next week!

Elder Terry

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 88


There goes another week in the mission!

So this week actually went pretty well and we were able to work a lot of things out with my companion so we are going to get some work done here!

This past Monday was pretty awesome though. As a zone, we all went to this place called Cañoncillo (Canyon-see-yo), which is like a hiking area that is like this weird swamp/desert/forest mix. We did a day hike, climbed a sand hill, and took a lot of pictures:

Here was the laguna that we hiked to. It's not normally this ugly:

We climbed a sand hill on the side of the trail and found this secret sandy plain:

It was probably one of the coolest P-days that I have had and I'm really enjoying taking a lot of pictures :).

Also on Tuesday, the rest of all of the Christmas package arrived!
The things that are in the plastic bags had something wrong with them and I think that's why it took so long to arrive.
There was also a present inside that made a hole in the package so they put it in the bag.
Thank you so much family, and Merry Christmas in February!
Also with the package were the two letters from my sister, and from all of the primary kids. I just love reading those letters!

In these times we are working a lot with all of the leaders in our branch. We are trying to get every one on a monthly habit of going to the temple to help strengthen their testimonies, now that the temple is so close (about 2 hours away)

I also am still messing around with the cool settings on the camara:

Well that's all to report on for this week, and the work continues on!

Elder Terry

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 87


Well that was a pretty nice week here in San Pedro. We attended the worldwide missionary conference and were well trained. Here is a picture of our Guadalupe Zone:

Honestly, there's not too much to report on; it was a pretty typical week here in the mission.

Well this week we have been doing a lot of work searching out all of the less-active members here in San Pedro. We've been going through the records here and looking for all of the members in our branch and updating all of their information. It's super interesting meeting all of the old members and finding out how long they have been members and getting to know them more.

This week hasn't been one of the easiest weeks ever though. We are having a little bit of problems between companions and I am helping him out a lot get into the missionary work that we have to do. We are resolving conflicts and figuring out how to work here. He reminds me of myself when I had less time in the mission and I realize how much I have learned in these past few months.

I have also had a lot of fun taking some pictures this week.
There was a power outage in San Pedro at like 4 am and my companion woke me up to check it out. I was able to take this sweet pic with the new camera and some editing functions it has:

I haven't seen that many stars in a while.
I also got some pretty sweet sunset pictures:

Well that's all I got for this week, and I'm looking forward to the month of February!

Elder Terry