Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 47


I'm Alive. No time. Sorry

Instead, enjoy an entry from the mission presidents blog:

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 46


Another great week here in the Perú Trujillo Mission!

Well this has been a pretty hard week for us, with having to leave a few investigators because they won't use their agency to progress and having some hard times in our daily planning figuring out which people we should look for and visit.

But this week had plenty of great moments.

On Saturday morning we were able to take some more people to visit the temple. We took a less-active couple to go feel the special Spirit that this building has and shared a lesson about the work of salvation that we are able to do inside.

I still haven't fully realized how blessed we are to have a temple dedicated in Trujillo and all of the ordenances of salvation that will be produced from the worthy members here.

Well, we only have 18 days until the Open House of the temple, from May 8th to May 30th. All of the sister missionaries have the opportunity to be the guides for the tours, and we can take our investigators and less-actives to go through the tour of the temple.

On Thursday we were able to have another missionary activity: a sports night. We all did some sports on the field right next to the church building, because all of the churches in the US have indoor basketball courts, all of the churches here have a soccer field outside. We started out all playing soccer, but then we had an activity where everyone could participate. We played water balloon volleyball with towels!
A lovely couple getting ready to catch a purple balloon:

Launching a green water balloon high above the net:

My companion and a YSA representative showing their skills with the towel:

It was a really great activity and everyone had fun.

So the saxophone is great! I didn't get to play it too much for the show because they had already planned all of the numbers by the time that I got it, but I did get to play it with the choir.

We watched conference in the stake center, also known as our ward's building and they broadcasted it in Spanish, but they had a special room for the missionaries where they had it in English. It is waaay better in English, but when they had the Spanish speakers, we put it on Spanish.

That's all I got for this week, and the work presses forward here in Primavera.

Elder Terry

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 45


Well I spent most of my time this morning trying to fix some camera memory problems and getting the pictures for this email that I am only left with 4 minutes to write this email so here goes!

P-day, we were able to go to the Huaca de la Luna, an ancient pyramid/temple ruin:

The era of these people that left these ruins goes from about 100 AD - 600 AD, just about the time of the Nephites and Lamanites in the end of the Book of Mormon and the beginning of the Great Apostasy. It's really interesting to see all of this stuff with the small knowledge of the people who actually lived there.

Later this week, we were able to have a missionary night, where we got to watch the new move, "Efraim's Rescue." We had to leave only after 30 minutes of the move because of another appointment we had, but it seems to be a really good movie.

Also, on Saturday my brother from the house I live in got baptized!

His dad got to baptize him, and Elder Passey also showed up unexpectedly, which was really great for everyone.

There you go, I finally got a picture with my companion!

Well it was a really nice week that we had here, and there is more to come! It is great to see the changes that have occurred in the people that we are teaching and their desires to come unto Christ.

Well, until the next week!

Elder Terry

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 44


Well this was one of the coolest weeks I've had so far.

It started with a surprise announcement on Sunday night that we were to be having interviews with President Marler, Hermana Marler, and the Assistants Tuesday morning. Normally, we get a little more preparation than that, but our studies on those days were super powerful.
In the interviews, President Marler talked to us a lot about faith and miracles, how we literally can have the power to move mountains and to command the seas, and he asked us what's holding us back.
Hermana Marler talked a lot about Christ, how every principle we teach has to do with Christ and we should be talking about Him in every moment. She gave us a new copy of the Book of Mormon and asked us to read it and highlight every time it mentions a name of Christ.
For the Assistants, we had to share a lesson in 5 minutes and afterward talked about the importance of teaching clearly and simply and emphasized using the lesson pamphlets during our teaching.

On Friday, we had a big, 3 stake Easter Fireside in our church building, which had Mormon Messages, a choir of missionaries, special musical numbers by missionaries, and testimonies from the 3 stake presidents and President Marler. It was a really spiritual experience and there were a whole lot of people that were able to feel the same. Most of the people here only recognize Easter as the Crucifixion of Christ, but we helped them understand that we believe in a living God who guides the church today.

Afterward, on Saturday and Sunday, we were privileged to hear the counsels of the latter-day prophets. I would just like to share one of my favorite quotes that Elder Relund shared. He talked to us about repentance and how our church is not a church of perfect people, but a church where every one can go to be spiritually uplifted. He said, "A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying." There are a few people that are offended that we call ourselves "Latter-day Saints" because we are far from being "saints." But we know we are saints because we are constantly in the battle to keep doing what we know is right.

Today we are planning on going to a Huaca (like an ancient ruin that makes a hill shape) so there will be pictures. I will report back soon!

Elder Terry