Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 45


Well I spent most of my time this morning trying to fix some camera memory problems and getting the pictures for this email that I am only left with 4 minutes to write this email so here goes!

P-day, we were able to go to the Huaca de la Luna, an ancient pyramid/temple ruin:

The era of these people that left these ruins goes from about 100 AD - 600 AD, just about the time of the Nephites and Lamanites in the end of the Book of Mormon and the beginning of the Great Apostasy. It's really interesting to see all of this stuff with the small knowledge of the people who actually lived there.

Later this week, we were able to have a missionary night, where we got to watch the new move, "Efraim's Rescue." We had to leave only after 30 minutes of the move because of another appointment we had, but it seems to be a really good movie.

Also, on Saturday my brother from the house I live in got baptized!

His dad got to baptize him, and Elder Passey also showed up unexpectedly, which was really great for everyone.

There you go, I finally got a picture with my companion!

Well it was a really nice week that we had here, and there is more to come! It is great to see the changes that have occurred in the people that we are teaching and their desires to come unto Christ.

Well, until the next week!

Elder Terry

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