Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 88


There goes another week in the mission!

So this week actually went pretty well and we were able to work a lot of things out with my companion so we are going to get some work done here!

This past Monday was pretty awesome though. As a zone, we all went to this place called Cañoncillo (Canyon-see-yo), which is like a hiking area that is like this weird swamp/desert/forest mix. We did a day hike, climbed a sand hill, and took a lot of pictures:

Here was the laguna that we hiked to. It's not normally this ugly:

We climbed a sand hill on the side of the trail and found this secret sandy plain:

It was probably one of the coolest P-days that I have had and I'm really enjoying taking a lot of pictures :).

Also on Tuesday, the rest of all of the Christmas package arrived!
The things that are in the plastic bags had something wrong with them and I think that's why it took so long to arrive.
There was also a present inside that made a hole in the package so they put it in the bag.
Thank you so much family, and Merry Christmas in February!
Also with the package were the two letters from my sister, and from all of the primary kids. I just love reading those letters!

In these times we are working a lot with all of the leaders in our branch. We are trying to get every one on a monthly habit of going to the temple to help strengthen their testimonies, now that the temple is so close (about 2 hours away)

I also am still messing around with the cool settings on the camara:

Well that's all to report on for this week, and the work continues on!

Elder Terry

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