Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 56


Otra semana milagrosa que pasó aquí en Vista Alegre!

My new area is great! In comparison with my past areas, it might be a little more dangerous in some parts, but the people here are amazing.

So in the Vista Alegre Ward, we have a general attendance of 150-160 and the services are Sundays at 8a because we share the church building with the California Ward. The church is pretty big and I get to play piano again during sacrament meeting. All of the members are really kind and have given me a nice greeting into the ward. Strangely this Sunday, they just changed the bishopric which is going to be really interesting for us.

Also this week, we had a leadership meeting where all of the leaders (Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and the Sister Leaders) and their companions area all trained together. Afterward, we all had a huge lunch from a restaurant called "Gringo Loco" where we ate these amazing stacked burgers.
(my companion taking the selfie)

Also in these past few weeks, we have been teaching a really nice couple, Angel and Marisol. But the interesting part about that is that Angel is a really less-active member and Marisol is and investigator... and they are both deaf. They are really amazing people and have a really good sense of humor. They are helping us learn some sign language and it is a lot of fun to teach them. We just write the points on the board, use pictures, and a whole lot of scriptures with some broken sign launguage. So far we have taught them about the Restoration, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and explained them about baptism. The only problem with them is that Marisol is legally married to some one else, but now Angel and Marisol are living together, so it is going to be a huge process in being able to get them baptized.

Well that's all I got for this week, and don't forget to write me!

Elder Terry

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