Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 52


And there goes week 52, which means... I've been on the mission for a whole year!!!
Well technically I left on June 3rd, so then I will have been gone a whole year!

Wow It is crazy how fast this time has flown! Here are some temple pictures to celebrate the occasion:

Well, the Temple Open House officially finished last Saturday and they told us that over 90,000 people were able to go through the temple and we received 3,000 referrals of non members that went through the open house. My companion and I were only able to go with an investigator, a less-active, or a recent convert, but we were able to go a total of 11 times! Every time we go, we always recognize things we hadn't seen before like a detail in a painting or a cool design. It was really a unique experience to be able to participate in this event and it is something I will never forget.

Also today, we had a combined Zone P-day with our mission president. Missionaries came from our zone of Primavera, from Casa Grande, and from Virú. We got to play soccer, softball, and a little bit of ultimate Frisbee. It went really well:

Well, I want to thank every one that has supported me to be on this mission; for my family, my friends, the members in the ward, the people I have met here, and every one else that has given me encouragement in this last year. Let's just say that this year will be even better than this first best year of my life.


Elder Terry

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