Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 51


Well there goes another week here in Perú and another week of having the Open House for the Trujillo, Perú Temple.

We had some really great experiences this week and a whole bunch of miracles with the temple. The temple has made our work a lot easier in the past few weeks. We are constantly having people that we contact that were literally just planning on going to the temple, we have people that come to us asking about the temple, and we are constantly receiving referrals of people that have already gone through the temple and want the missionaries to visit them. It's amazing!

This week we were able to go to the temple with a really special family, the Esteves family. A few months ago (before I was in Primavera) Andy (the person directly to the left of me) got baptized. He had permission from his parents, but they didn't want to learn more about the church. Until recently... We tried to teach them and do family home evenings with them but they were all really talkative and it was hard to stay on the subject. So we committed them with a day that we could all go to the temple, so we did!

We all went to the temple together on Saturday and it was a really spiritual experience for everything. The dad, Alejandro, after going through told us that everything he had seen in the temple, all of the rooms and paintings, he had already seen in a dream. Wow. It is really amazing to see the miracles that occur in the House of the Lord. We are now working with them so that the parents can get married (publicly) so they can be baptized!

Well that's about all I got for this week, but we are working really hard to get everyone to the Open House for the LAST WEEK! and then preparing for the dedication. I will write back soon!!

Elder Terry

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