Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 49


Well this week, we started the Temple Open House!!!

It started on Friday and we were able to go with some recent converts on Friday and Saturday. I had a lot of fun taking a whole bunch of pictures:

Just to the left of the temple is one of the biggest cemeteries in all of Trujillo, and on Mother's Day there were thousands of people going to visit their parents in this cemetery. So, some one had the great idea that we could go in front of the temple and invite every one to the Open House that is going on. So we stood in front of the temple and started inviting every one to the temple and that day, we received hundreds of referrals for people to teach.

Well everything is super exciting right now in the mission, and we are finding a lot of success as we talk more about the temple and the blessings we can receive from this magnificent construction.

It was also great to be able to call home yesterday (Mother's Day) and to receive the encouragement to keep on working hard in the mission. Thanks for all of your support!

Elder Terry

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