Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 54


Well this has been a really interesting and slightly difficult week for me here in Primavera.

So everything was going pretty smoothly this week, just a little nervous about the transfers that were coming up, until we get a call from the zone leaders on Friday...
They told us that they are going to end up closing our area after this transfer and that we should get everything in our area prepared for other missionaries to come in. :o
In our ward we had 6 missionaries: 2 Elders and 4 Sisters, and it was divided into 3 areas. So due to a lack of missionaries entering the field this transfer and for a few problems with the ward, President decided to take out the Elders from our ward. This means that they will be left just the 4 Sisters.
That all really took me by surprise. Here is a picture of our last Ward Council:

Well on the brighter side, at least they gave us a few more days to pack up our stuff!

Then on Sunday we received the official call to find out where our next areas are going to be and I will be going to... Zona Central! I'm going to the Vista Alegre Ward and my new companion is going to be Elder Simper, someone that was in the CCM at the same time as me, so we have the same amount of time in the mission! I'm not really sure about any other information, but next week will have all of the details. And it turns out that I'm going to get to stay in the North Mission!

Also, THIS SUNDAY IS THE TEMPLE DEDICATION!!! We found out that Elder Uchtdorf is coming with Elder Cristofferson, so that is going to be amazing. We get to watch the dedication through reproduction in the Stake Centers, but it is still going to be awesome.

Well, another transfer gone by and only a few more to go! I hope to work hard in my new ward and to help even more souls come unto Christ.

Elder Terry

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