Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 57


Well there goes my 3rd week in my new area, Vista Alegre!

So let us start of with some noticias...

First off, as of July 1st, the Peru Trujillo Mission was officially divided into the Peru Trujillo North and South Missions! So in the old mission, we had about 250 missionaries and with the division, the North mission lost 108 missionaries to the South mission, but we now have 64 more missionaries from Pacasmayo, Guadalupe, and Caja Marca, which were part of the Chiclayo mission. The South mission also got a few more missionaries from the Lima West mission. So I guess that in our mission there are approximately 200 missionaries (don't quote me on that).

Also with the mission split, the mission offices of both missions were changed. And you'll never guess where they are now. So the North mission office is now a part of the Primavera building, the last church I was going to! While I was there, part of the building was under construction. But the even weirder part is that the South office is now in the California building, which is the same church I go to right now! It's a little confusing because the South office is actually in the North mission, but I guess it doesn't really matter.

So here is the new office address, which you can now send me packages (same address as my last church building):
Élder Jordan Terry
Misión Perú Trujillo Norte
Teodoro Valcárcel 512
Urb. Primavera
Trujillo, La Libertad

Let's see, this week was also the 4th of July! It's kind of sad, because we did absolutely nothing to celebrate, other than wear a patriotic tie. But there was a really strange coincidence that I found out yesterday. So now that it's 2015, we celebrated the 239th anniversary from our independence in 1776. Also, I calculated that there are exactly 239 chapters in the Book of Mormon. Wow. Just a weird coincidence.

This week we were also able to have a pretty cool Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with a less-active family and an active family combined. We taught a lesson about fasting, which was that Sunday, and then played some fun games. One of them we went around stacking matches on top of a bottle and hoping they didn't fall. It got pretty tall:

And of course, the family supplied the refrigerio.

So yes, the big news about the new gay rights has spread even to Peru. It's kind of interesting because homosexuality isn't too common here and it is really looked down upon, so we got a few strange comments from some random people about it. But, I guess it was something inevitable and it is yet another sign of the times.

Well... this was a longer email, but there is a lot going on here and the work is pressing forward more than ever with an even stronger focus on the temples now that there is one up an running. I will write back next week!

Elder Terry

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