Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 58


Well this was a really interesting week, but I don't have too much time so here we go!

Well this week we were super busy planning a whole bunch of teaching opportunities. This week we had a total of 3 Family Home Evenings with a Ward Activity that we had to plan. We did a lot of running around and calling to set everything up, but it all turned out really well. For the ward activity, we talked about the importance of prayer and not just praying to go through the motions, but really expressing what we feel. My companion and I did a pretty awesome skit that I translated from the Little Book of Teaching Tools (thanks mom) and they really liked it.

Our area is pretty nice and we have some really good investigators that we are teaching. This Saturday, we have scheduled a baptism! His name is Segundo Del Castillo and some missionaries contacted him when he was passing in front of the temple to visit the cemetary right next to it and they sent us the refferal. He is really nice and his wife died in November from a pelvis cancer (not very common), and the Gospel was exactly what he was waiting for. I hope it all turns out fine!

Well, as some of you know, my grandpa passed away last Monday. I got a call from President Marler on Friday, advising me about the occurence. I guess I wasn't super surprised but it was still not easy to hear. A lot of times we teach that our trials help us grow as people and in our testimonies and now I understand from experience. It has helped me to think a lot about our plan here on this Earth and has helped me to strengthen my testimony even more. Just know that this has not made me work any less than what I have been, but in fact has made me share my testimony in a more powerful way.

We also had a multi-zone conference and I got to play my saxophone.

Multi Zone Conference with Central, Primavera, Casa Grande

Elder Terry and Sister Neilsen provided a musical number,

so beautiful!
Jordan is in the back row, 4th from the left.
Well thanks for all of your support, and nothing can stop the work from progressing.

Elder Terry

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  1. Jordan, my grandson is so awesome. 11 more months to go and he is home. Time goes very quickly. I am glad the passing of his grandpa led him to even a stronger testimony. Love you, Elder Terry.