Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 60


Well there goes another transfer!

We got the transfers call in and it turns out that my companion and I are both staying here in Vista Alegre! But there were a few changes in our zone. A lot of the missionaries that are leaving are heading up to the new part of the mission in Caja Marca, and we are also getting a new zone leader from there.

Well we finished off the transfer pretty well. On Saturday, our stake planned an activity to bring all of the new members from the past 2 years to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. It took a lot of planning and interviews, but we managed to have a good group go. This is one of the convert families in our ward:

I was also able to participate in doing some of the confirmations for the baptisms. This activity made me realize that these people are not used to going to the temple frequently because the closest one was 8 hours in a car away, but we are helping them get the habit of regular temple attendance.

So this week is Peru's independence day, el 28 de Julio. So to celebrate, our stake put on a Noche Peruana to celebrate and it all turned out great!

Well with transfers comes getting to know a few more missionaries having new experiences. These are things that I will never forget.

Elder Terry

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  1. Peru is a great country with wonderful people. We did a humanitarian trip there a couple years ago. Great memories.