Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 26


¡Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!

Well this was a rather interesting week here in Chocope.

So my companion loves to cook, so seeing that it was Thanksgiving on Thursday, my companion put a goal that we need to cook this week. So we planned out everything and decided to share a dinner with a local family in our branch, and for some reason, my companion had the idea to make cow tongue tacos, so that's what we did.

Spicy Cow Tongue Tacos
Along with the tacos, we made a tomato type soup (which was one of the most spicy things I've had), mashed potatoes, rice (of course), and for dessert we made lemon squares. I was a little hesitant eating the cow tongue, but after I did it, it was definitely worth it.

So let's see, all of the food that I've eaten so far that I haven't or that are really weird are: cow tongue, cow liver, rabbit, goat, guinea pig, and cow intestines. Yummy.
Also, the Chocope fest that was going on all month just ended yesterday, with String Karma (One of the most popular bands in all of Peru) having their big performance. And you know what that means, fireworks and loud music all night long. It was great.
Chocope Plaza with all of the trampolines, jumpers, and stores you could want:
Well that's how my week went, and I will talk back soon!
Elder Terry

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