Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 28


Well today marks exactly 5 months of being in my first area here in Chocope, and with the next change coming up on the 29th, I have a feeling that I won't be spending much more time in this area. But we will see...

Well another week just flew by, with not too much to report on, but here we go!

So on Monday we had a nice family home evening activity where we were able to make some ginger bread cookies that my companion received from his mom. We made the cookies and let everyone decorate their own cookies: one for themselves, and one for a friend. It turned out great and they loved the cookies.

 Afterwards, my companion and I made our own (mine's the Christmas tree):
Well other than that, we just had a stake conference where we were able to listen to another general authority and a counseler of the presidency of Sudamérica Noroeste, Elder Wilson Calderón. There is just something different about being with a general authority and being able to listen to his stories and especially his testimony. I love having this opportunity to be able to meet all of these general authorities, and I always find some way to make myself a better missionary when I listen to their advice.

So we are all preparing for our huge Christmas show that our mission is putting on in the Trujillo Plaza de Armas, and they gave me the opportunity to play the piano for about a third of the general choir songs and a few small group pieces.
For anyone that might be in Trujillo this Christmas, we invite you to go watch our show! It will be this Friday and Saturday (19th and 20th) in the Trujillo Plaza de Armas at 7p both nights. And if you do, make sure to say hi to me!

Well that's all I got for this week, and I will talk back the next!

Elder Terry

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