Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 29 Christmas


Well this is it! Christmas week!

Well this past week has been great! I didn't even spend 3 days in Chocope!

This week started out with my companion heading out to Lima again to finish up getting his visa and identification approved, he just has one visit left now. He left Sunday night and I went over to Casa Grande to proselyte with the Elders in the Independencia Ward. It was a great experience to see other missionaries in action to be able to learn from them and to apply some of their ideas.

So my companion and I returned to our area on Wednesday in time for lunch, and for all of Wednesday and Thurday, we worked super hard to get the most out of our few days in the area. We even invited someone to be baptized on the 27th and he's super excited for it.

Friday and Saturday were our huge mission Christmas Program that we had in the Trujillo Plaza de Armas. Here are some of the pictures I took:
Epic pose in front of the Plaza statue
Zone picture (more or less)
Practicing for A Capella number
An A Capella quartet number that we did with me, Elder Díaz, Elder Price, and Elder Spencer
I got to play piano for a few of the numbers
The Catholic Church all decorated next to the Plaza
Tonight the Choir was from the Chimbote Peru, Chimbote Buenos Aires, Chimbote Sur, 
Casma, Sierra and Casa Grande Zones.
So the whole program turned out great. The second day we did the show, there were at least a thousand people all watching us and it was super cool. I was kind of freaked out, but it all turned out perfect and the people really liked it. We had choir numbers, small singing groups, some pretty cool piano numbers, the mission president playing guitar, and a whole bunch of people playing violins and peruvian flutes and harmonicas. I can't wait till next year!

For more pictures of the concert, click below:

Okay, so this week I get to call home!!! We set up with my parents that I would call home on Christmas day, Dec 25th, at about 11:30 california time. Everyone is invited to go to my parents house at that time to be able to talk to me. If you have any questions, just contact my parents.

It may be my first Christmas's away from home, but I know it will be one of the best one's I've had. Well that will do it for this week, y ¡que cada uno de Ustedes, dondequiera que se encuentre, tenga una buena Navidad!

Elder Terry

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