Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 79


Well that was an awesome week here in San Pedro, getting to know my new area and meeting all of the good people here.

San Pedro de Lloc is in the Guadalupe Zone which is one of the zones that was added on to the mission with the big mission split. Our area consists of a small city with also a few other little towns close by. This zone reminds me a lot of my first area Chocope, with all of the cities separated from each other, except this area is a little bigger than Chocope and way more beautiful. Over in Chocope they grow sugar cane, while over here all of the cities are surrounded by rice farms and everything is just a little more green. The area isn't super poor but there are a few more humble places too.
It has some more city type places:

But it is also super nice on the outer parts of the city:

And it is all surrounded by the rice fields:
Our branch is also pretty cool. We share the area with a companionship of hermanas, Hermana South and Hermana Canizales, both of them having been in my districts before. Our branch normally has an attendance of around 80 people and there are so many less-active members here. All of the members are super cool and our branch president is a really strong member and really good at directing the branch. But one of the cool parts about the branch is how awesome our church is. It is all hidden behind a wall with just a large wooden door:
 But once you go in it is super nice!

 And here is the back patio:
Well there is definitely a lot of work to do here and I'm super excited for all of the things we have planned for this week!
Elder Terry

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