Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 78


Well that was an awesome week, and I got a lot to write but a little time, so here we go!

Well as you all know this week was Thanksgiving week, so being in Peru you would assume that no one celebrates it, which is true, but we ended up celebrating it Peruvian style. It turns out, we actually had 2 Thanksgiving dinners this week! On Thursday, we had a huge zone lunch where each of the missionaries brought something to eat and we ended up having a huge feast! (we made the brownies)

I have to say I am really grateful especially to be here on the mission and for all of the things that I have learned and have yet to learn. I am also grateful for all of the members that are here who are all helping with the work of the Lord here in Trujillo, and very grateful for all of my family and friends that are all supporting me here and continue to help me in the work.

Well now it's time for some news! First of all, we got an official letter from the general offices of the Church that have extended everyone's missions an extra 2 weeks. So in stead of being picked up by my parents May 15, it is going to be May 29. I hope you can all wait a few extra weeks before seeing me again and I'm sure it will be worth it!

Well, this week is also the transfers in our mission, and now that I have finished my training with Elder Smith, it looks like it's time for a transfer! I have been sent... to........ San Pedro de Lloc in the Guadalupe Zone!!! It is a new part of our mission that we got when the limits changed and it's about an hour more north from my first area, Chocope. I am going to be with Elder Alles from Argentina and I am going to be there as a district leader. Wow. Crazy stuff.

Here's Zona Central that I was in for 6 months:
So because it is kind of far, I have to travel over there today, which didn't give me much time to say goodbye to every one, but I was able to stop by a few. Here's one that always has the tradition to cut the missionary's tie when they leave, so it was inevitable:

Well it looks like it's time to meet some new people and to have some more amazing experiences. Until next week!
Elder Terry

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