Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 76


Well that was another amazing week in the mission!

We've been working really hard this week and it appears that we have a few people that are progressing really well. This week we were also blessed to have a rescued soul come back to church, Teresa Perez who's husband had recently passed away. It is amazing to see how ready these people are and she is now in Temple prep class getting ready for her ordinances.

Another random pic of our area at sunset:
This week we also were able to have our interviews with President Marler, Hermana Marler, and the Asistentes. I don't know if I ever told you this, but one of our asistents is Elder Bond which happened to be my first district leader when I had just gotten into the field. He always tells me about how much I have progressed, and I say the same about him. Anyways, President talked to us about how the state of our hearts are and what we can do to keep our hearts focused on the work. Hermana Marler talked about how to teach by talking less and using more teaching tools to help them understand, and the Asistentes talked about how to help the investigators feel the Spirit in order to accept a baptismal date. We learned a lot of great stuff!

Also on Sunday I was asked to participate in a Stake Fireside in the Esperanza Stake put on by the missionaries. I got to play piano for a few of the numbers and I also got to play a piano and saxophone duet for Abide With Me. It turned out amazing!
For more pictures from this fireside, click here to view the mission blog.

We are also going to have another Fireside, but this time in our stake this Sunday, which I am looking forward to.

Well, as my mom reminded me, the days are just ticking by. Exactly 6 months from today will be my last day in the field, so you know what that means! Time to work even harder! I cannot believe how little time I have and I will make sure to use it all how I should!

Elder Terry

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