Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 43


There goes my first week with my new companion, Elder Pre.

Well I forgot to take any pictures, and I don't have to much to write about so this letter will be pretty short.

So... Elder Pre!
He's from Lima, Perú; he has about 14 months in the mission; he has been in Zona Este, Zona Esperanza, and he just came from Otuzco, the only part of the mission that's in the mountains: and he's ready to work hard.

It's been a while since I've had a companion that doesn't speak English, so I'm getting a lot of really good Spanish practice from my companion. It's nice because I'm actually able to communicate in Spanish so I can talk freely with my companion.

Here in Perú, they don't just celebrate Easter Sunday, they celebrate the whole week. One of the activities that we are having is this Friday, and it's going to be a three-stake devotional with music, videos, and testimonies from the three stake presidents and our mission president. It's kind of a big deal. On Saturday, we had a rehearsal for the choir and for the special music numbers and it's going to be really good. My parent's sent me my saxophone from home, so it may be the best devotional ever.

At the rehearsals on Saturday, President shows up with his parents and my saxophone!
When I opened it, there was a paper saying that it was inspected, but everything was in the case, without damage. The case even has some sweet fragile stickers on it now. haha.

A lot of the missionaries that entered in the field with me have moved up. Some of them are senior companions, some are training, and one is in the office as secretary. I still feel like I'm really new in the mission, but leadership positions are coming!

Also, on Saturday and Sunday we are going to have General Conference, so it is going to be a really spiritual week.

So in our area, we live with the Regalado family, and they cook for us too. In Trujillo, they have a sweet laundry system where one guy picks up our clothes every week and drops it off the next day, which is a really good system.

Well that's all I got for this week, and I'll make sure to get a picture with my companion for next week. Thanks for all of your support for the missionaries around the world.

Elder Terry

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