Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 42


Well 42 weeks have past, and now I have just completed 7 transfers (periods of 6 weeks) and that means that it's time for a change!

But to start off, I'll talk a little bit about our last P-day. So last Monday, one of the missionaries in our district, Sister Nielson, found out that she had a huge gall-bladder inflammation and had to be sent home, so that day was her last day. So, we decided to do just about everything possible. We started going shopping in a marked called Avenida España. We then head over to McDonald's and had lunch. After we decided we would have enough time to go through Trujillo's main archaeological tourist spot "Chan-Chan", and we all ended up running through the whole thing.

It was one of the coolest things I had seen. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to go as a district to the airport to drop her off on her plane. Airports are sad places for missionaries.
Overall, we had a really good day and bonded a lot as a district.

Here's a sweet picture that I was able to take proselyting right during a sunset in our area.

On Saturday night, we also got the opportunity to take our recent convert, Ernesto, and his mom to go visit the temple and take some pictures. we made it by sunset so I got some sweet pics:

I still can't believe that I get to be in a mission that has a temple dedication while I'm there. With the temple in Trujillo, we get plenty of opportunities to talk about it and explain all of the blessings we can get from this building.

Okay. Now to the interesting part. THE CHANGES!!!
Yesterday, we got the call from our zone leaders and found out that my companion, Elder Passey, is going to a place called Salaverry!
My new companion is going to be Elder Pre, and from what I've heard is that he's a Peruvian and a really cool guy, and he's also going to be our district leader.
Elder Passey had already been in our area for over 7 months (the same time I was in Chocope) so he's pretty excited to get changed.
Let's hope that it all goes well!

I'm really looking forward to the saxophone and it was supposed to have flown up yesterday, so we'll see how it went through security and everything.

Sometimes I just randomly think how great it is that I'm able to speak another language and how great it is going to be to use it back home.

That's all I got for this week, and I will reaport back more about my new companion soon!

Elder Terry

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