Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 41


Well that was a great week for us here in the best area in the mission.

This week, we had a Zone Conference on Wednesday, which means that each of the leaders in our zone had to do a training based off what our president had told us to do. So because my companion is district leader, we both were assigned to teach for a half hour about how the Book of Mormon applies to us. Just thinking about having 30 minutes to teach a bunch of missionaries that know more than me scared me a little bit, but by doing it, I was able to learn a lot.

One of the things that I learned was that the Book of Mormon was written specifically for us in the last days. In the times of the Book of Mormon, the only people that had access to the records were the prophets and they used it to preach vocally. But Mormon was commanded to compile everything that would be of use to us, so everything written in the Book of Mormon is made specifically for us.

Going with this point, I did the math and found out that exactly half of the Book of Mormon contains the years 100 BC until the end of Christ's visit in the Americas which is exactly where we are in existence, preparing for Christ's Coming.

Other than the class, we had an activity on Thursday for some members and investigators. To help with the lesson that night, we had everyone blind folded and we guided them around with a rope. We led them outside and one by one, started taking them away from the rope and leaving them alone.

After leaving them for a few minutes, the missionaries began singing "Come, Follow Me" and we guided everyone back to the rope and led them back in. We applied it as we are in the world and not able to see to well, but listening to the invitations of the Lord guide you to the correct path. We led them to popcorn and soda and everyone thought it was great.

Also this week we had a really cool double zone devotional in Casa Grande. The Primavera Zone and the Casa Grande Zone with a few people from the office formed a choir and had a great musical activity back in Casa Grande. I got to participate in playing piano for the choir numbers and singing in a duet for a number. But my favorite part was when a few converts were called to bear their testimonies to everyone. One of them was my first converts, Brenda, and her testimony was so strong and reminded me the purpose of my missionary work here. It was also great to be able to meet up with everyone from my old area.
Picture from mission blog with Jordan accompanying choir (far left)
Well I weighed myself, and I passed 60 kg (more than 130 lb) so yay!

It was a really great week for me, and I hope it only gets better!

Elder Terry

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