Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 38


There goes my second week in the best area in the mission!
(If you need a reminder on how our church building looks like, here you go)

Well I realized about 5 minutes after sending my email last week that I completely forgot to talk about my new companion. Well here he is:
Brick wall in a member's home that hasn't been visited in over 4 years
His name is Elder Passey and he's from Mesa, Arizona. He's 20 and he left on the mission directly out of high school. He's our district leader and he's a really great guy. He is great with all of the mission rules and he loves talking to everyone, which is really good for a missionary. We have a lot in common, (mainly our eating habits) and we are working really well together. He's already been in our area for 4 changes (6 months) so we probably won't be together for too long, but it's going to be a really good change.

Let's see, this week we got to do an interchange with the zone leaders, where I went to their area and I got to learn a lot from them. During the interchange, I got to visit the temple, which I hadn't seen for over 7 months!
me with the temple (hd):

el torre
The entrance to the temple is actually on the other side from the public road away from where I took the pictures, but it is still amazing. When I was looking at the temple that day, the sun just reflected and made the temple glow. I still can't believe that everyone is going to be able to enter within 3 months!

Also on Friday after our leader training, we ate lunch over at the Trujillo Mall and I got to have a barbeque pizza from Pizza Hut, which is one of the best thing's I've eaten in a looong time.

Well that's all the time I have so I will leave it where it is!

Elder Terry

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