Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 35


Let's see, I started my mission back on June 3rd, so that would mean tomorrow I finish 8 MONTHS!!! Which would mean I've already done 1/3rd of my mission!!! It's really amazing to see how fast this time has gone, and I'm sure the rest will pass before I know it!

So 8 months have past, and I'm still in my first area... The area presidency has had a change where they have told mission presidents to keep the missionaries in their areas a little longer so they can be around all of their converts. It has been really great in this area and I am definitely going to miss it along with the people. President Marler has already told me that it's about time for a change, so I'm probably going to be changing areas next week! By the next email, I will know where I'll be heading!

After spending 3 changes (4.5 months) with the same companion, I feel like we have been able to work through all of the contentions and have become a great and efficient companionship. And I feel like I have learned way more from this companionship than I will ever learn from the mission, but we will see.

Our district, which includes us with 4 other missionaries in Ascope, had a baptism last Saturday! Although we didn't have any, the Elders and the Sisters in Ascope had 2 baptisms each, a total of 4 souls brought closer to Christ. They had also invited President Marler to go to the baptism, and he went! It was great because he doesn't visit our zone too often, and it was nice to see his effort and love that he has to all of the missionaries in the mission.

We are in the heat of summer (just like august), but we have been getting a good amount of rain, which is super weird for my area.

Well things are going great, everyone is excited for the temple, and the work keeps progressing, so I'll just leave the email with this: (Elder Johnson)
Elder Terry

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