Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 37 - Primavera


Well that was a great week! Made it through a Friday the 13th and a Valentine's day without a scratch. haha.

Well that was my first week in the best area of the mission!

So let me start out with some information about our area:

So we really have the best zone in the whole mission, the zone with the temple!!! Our zone includes 18 missionaries (9 areas with 5 companionships of Elders, and 4 of Sisters) and covers all of Primavera out to the beach and temple in Huanchaco. So with the temple dedication in about 5 months, I think I'm going to be in the same zone when it gets dedicated!

Now about our district. Our district has my companion as district leader, me, and four sister missionaries. Our areas are Primavera I, II, and III and we are all part of the Primavera ward. Our ward is actually the center of the zone and the stake center which means, our church is HUGE:
Entrance and spire
Backside view
Inside the Chapel
So our ward is the church building where we have the general authorities speak and also where the mission president does a lot of his meetings, so it's kind of awesome.
Our ward has about 200 people going each week (204 yesterday) which is like the exact opposite of what I've been in up until this point. I don't really have an official calling, except that I played piano during sacrament meeting yesterday.

Now with my area. We are in Primavera I, which includes the neighborhoods Mochica and Mochica Alta. I live and eat in a members house, which will probably be the nicest house I will ever live in on the mission.
Street view
Our dining table and family room
Our room (middle) with the bathroom (right) and kitchen (left)
The family that we live in is great and they have 2 kids, Alvaro (8), and Fernandito (3). I could definitely get used to living like this for a little bit.

It is so weird to be back in the city. Before the boundaries used to be the edge of the city, and now it's all divided by streets. Our area is actually a good amount smaller than my old area, but there's always work do be done.

I still haven't seen the temple recently, but we are allowed to visit it if we take an investigator with us, which is our plan!

It is very interesting to see the differences between the 2 areas that I have been in. I feel like here it is a little more difficult to find people that are willing to listen to our message, but the people that do are more intelligent and progress faster. I am very blessed to be in such a wonderful mission with a President that loves and cares for his missionaries. I was really nervous before leaving and got a little sick, but once I was got into my new area, I have felt way better and am ready to keep on serving the Lord.

Well I don't have time to write even the hundredth part of what has come to pass this week and those things are written on my other plates. But thanks for everyone that has supported me in serving the Lord and I will talk back soon!

Elder Terry

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  1. this new area is absolutely nothing like when my son Jeff Dangl served in Trujillo 24 years ago. He would have loved this place. Jordan is doing so amazing and I am very proud of him and his accomplishments. I am really glad he gets to play the piano every time there is a meeting. He will become even more accomplished in two years. We love you, Jordan