Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 36


Well there's a lot to write about for this week, so here we go.

Well the week started out with my companion in Lima for the last time. While he was there, I stayed back with an Elder in Paiján, Elder Allen and we got to proselyte in both of our areas until Tuesday. Elder Cuevas finally got his ID card that I got during the CCM, so no more Lima for him!

Friday was a super interesting day. So after our studies we had planned a "service" to cook with a member in our branch, and the food of choice, cuy! (Guinea pig). We got to do the whole process: we killed them, defurred them, cooked them, and ate them! (I didn't include pictures because they are pretty gruesome). And this is how it turned out:
I didn't have the guts to kill them, but I did eat it!

Then later that day, we had planned a noche de fogata (campfire activity) where we cook some stuff on a fire and have a lesson and games. We invited everyone, and we had more people than we had a church this week. It turned into a farewell activity where we ate fried chicken with french fries (what they think is my favorite meal) and had a great time!
The past few days, I've been working super hard writing farewell cards to all of the members because.... I'M GOING!
Last night we got the call with all of the transfers for this change..
And I'm going..
So I'm going to an area called Primavera I in the Primavera zone with a companion whose name is Elder Passey from the US. My area will be in the main city of Trujillo, and I imagine pretty close to where the temple is! I don't know too much other than that, and that Hermana Mason, from my district right now, is going to Primavera II so we are probably going to be in the same district again.

Well I am super excited now for everything, preparing all my stuff, writing cards for members and missionaries, and preparing for my new area! So wish me luck for this week, that it all turns out well!

Elder Terry

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