Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 7

Trainer - Elder Fernandez & Elder Terry
Well this is it, I´m serving my mission! I have so much to talk about but so little time.

I guess I´ll start out with my last week in the MTC because I didn´t get to email last week. So the last Saturday, we went proselyting again but this time was in a different area. My companion was on his second week and reminded me of myself my first time going proselyting. He had pretty good Spanish, but he didn´t talk too much. Other than that it was a great experience for the both of us because I had to lead in all of the contacts and teachings which was great practice for the field.

On the Monday before we left, we spent most of the day in the Migracions center and I officially got my Peruvian license! We spent the rest of the day packing with a little bit of anxiety about what was happening the next day.

So Tuesday morning, we got up at 4:45 in the morning to leave for our flight which left at 8. We didn´t even have time to eat breakfast. But the flight was nice and short and we landed in the smallest airport I´ve ever seen. There, our mission president and his wife was waiting for us and we all hopped into a van to drive to the mission home. But on the way, we stopped by to see the the progress on the Trujillo Temple. The structure is practically done and it just looks like they need to finish the interior. It looks great.

Later, we had lunch at the Mission Home and had a few lessons on our mission area and the rules and such. And after all of that, I got to meet my new companion and trainer, Elder Fernandez.

Elder Fernandez had served the first part of his mission in Bolivia but for some reason had his mission changed to Trujillo. He is a great guy and a really good trainer.

So the area we were assigned to is a small town called Chocope. Moving into this area was kind of a culture shock to me. We have the smallest little room and a bathroom with a shower that only has one knob: cold. But I guess I´m adapting to this new environment.

I´m definitely looking forward to spending my first 12 weeks in this area and my testimony of the gospel is improving by the day.

Well I´m almost out of time for this week so I´m gonna end it here. Wish me success in this new area :)

Élder Terry

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