Friday, July 4, 2014

Week 1


I'm having a great time here learning more about the language and the gospel.
So I arrive from my flight in Georgia and I make my way over to the terminal and I just find this huge group of people in suits, all from the US going to Peru. By the time we left the airport, there were over 30 missionaries on the plane which is funny because there are only about 120 people in the MTC right now.

My missionary companion is great. His name is Elder Weber and he is from Oregon and just got done with high school. We definitely are really different with him being more into sports and athletic activities, but we still work great together.
I love Spanish. Mostly everything that I learned back in high school came back to me and I don't have too much trouble speaking to the latinos in the MTC. There are about 50 of the missionaries who are from the US and the rest from places like Peru and Ecuador and they are all so friendly and really funny.

The schedules for each day are packed down to the minute and I always find myself really tired. But the rate at which we are learning both the gospel and Spanish is incredible.

So if you haven't noticed, my Pdays are on Tuesday so that's when Ill be emailing. So today we went to the temple and it was really cool. The whole session took place in the same room until we went through the veil. We had to do the talk in Spanish so they gave us a card to use which was really interesting. Then we walked around the city and bought some cool stuff. I have decided that the Peruvians drive with one hand on the horn. They're driving is insane; there is no way that I could ever drive here. And just an FYI, we are only allowed to take pictures on Pday.

Every other Saturday they let us go proselyting in the city so we get to do that this week. There is this weird smell that this city has and everything just feels so different.

Also the food that they give us is great. We get plenty of meat and I've tried a lot of things including the fish which isn't that bad.

Let the family know that I miss all of them and that I'm having a great time and I'm glad that I decided to make this choice.

Elder Terry

Oh yah and the weather is really strange. Every day is cloudy and foggy, no matter what time of day it is. The sun has only come out once in the afternoon but other than that, it is pretty dull. The temperatures are mostly in the 60s so I've been wearing my long sleeve shirts most of the time. And along with the fog comes a lot of moisture so its not really dry like we thought.
Oh well, till we meet again.

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