Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 99


Well there goes another week here in the mission!

The work is going great right now. It seems that we are being giving more less-active member to visit and we are helping a lot of them go to church for the first time in a while. Having investigators and less-actives go to church is one of the coolest things because many people let us in their house's but when they go to church they are really showing their desires to come unto Christ or at least to investigate the church a little.

Here are some pictures that I took of a few things from this week.
As part of our area, we not only proselyte in San Pedro, but we also go to a nearby town called Chocofán. There we have some of the first members in all of our branch and they continue faithful in the church. We caught a lizard in their house while we were there too:
San Pedro is actually really famous for their lizards. They actually have a special dish called "ceviche de lagartija" (it's a lizard ceviche if you want to look it up) typical to San Pedro, which I have still yet to try. Here is the family that live there: Sindulfo with his wife Carmen and also their great granddaughter Yazumi (the lizard's tail fell off)
The people here are so great!

Also I was able to snap some pics of the San Pedro Market which is in the center of our city.
Here Supermarkets aren't very common, so people daily go to the market to get all of their food. It's pretty cool to walk through these, with meat hanging on hooks and everyone trying to get you to buy from their booth. There's also a large variety of fruits here:
I was also able to take some opportune pictures in our area.
Another sunset, with the Pacasmayo Cement factory on the side:
Also a nice close up picture of a butterfly:
I'm pretty used to pulling out my camera now in the right moments.

Well, that's about it for this week and looking forward to another!

Elder Terry

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