Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 97


Well that's one less week that I have here at the service of the Lord and this really has been another amazing week here in the mission, and enjoying every minute of it!

Well last Monday, we went climbed a hill to go see the iconic mark of Guadalupe, "La Virgen de Guadalupe." It's a statue of a virgin situated on top of a hill in the middle of the city of Guadalupe. It wasn't too high up but you could get a great view up there. A great way to spend an only Elders P-day:
Part of the trail:
The statue of the virgin with a baby in her arms:
The view at the top:
My companion, one of the zone leaders Elder Mendez, and I:
In the plaza de armas of Guadalupe:
It was also a really interesting week because of a random rainstorm in all of the cities in our zone. Out of nowhere in the middle of the night it just started pouring rain like it never does in Perú, and it wasn't only rain but with lightning and thunder and everything. Apparently this hasn't happened here for over 20 years! Kind of reminds me of last year when I was in Chocope and the same thing happened. Good memories.

Also, this week we were in elections for Peru's next President and they've finaled it down to 2 people now, a woman from Japan, and a half Peruvian half American man. It made it kind of hard to visit because every one was out voting. If you don't vote here, they send you a fine which is pretty interesting.

Also today for P-day we climbed another hill! We climbed the hill of Chepén which is right next to Guadalupe, but this hill was a lot bigger! Chepén is where Elder Smith is right now. Along the trail they had nice statues of Jesus and how he suffered on the trail:
The view from up top:

3 cross statues:
Resurrected Jesus with his metal heart:
Elder Smith doing the karate kid:
And a pretty cool Atonement statue:
Well, that's about it for this week and this will be the last week of the second to last transfer in the mission!

Until the next!
Elder Terry

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