Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 83 (New Year)


Happy New Year!!!

Well this has been a pretty amazing first week here in the mission. Again, I am still without a camara for pictures, but I planning on buying one today, so until next week for the pictures.

These past few weeks have been a little more difficult for proselyting, because of the fiestas and drinking, but we have definitely seen many miracles this week, especially with a few new families that we have found and how many of them were able to go to church this week. Our sacrament meeting turned out really well and the Spirit was strong with all of the testimonies that were given at church.

Also recently, there has been a new focus from our mission president for all of the wards and branches in our mission. He has put a focus on helping establish our wards in stead of just helping them grow. We do this by strengthening the members that we have by helping them go to the temple, magnify their callings, etc. We've realized that the Lord isn't going to give us as many as his choice sons and daughters until we have a ward or branch where they can stay strongly. Here in the San Pedro de Lloc Branch is exactly what we need. We have about 450 baptized members in the directory, but only with a church attendence of about 80. So this is one of the big focuses that we have here as missionaries now, not just baptizing, but strengthening and establishing the branch.

Well as a new year begins, goals are set and plans are made to become a better missionary, and a better person. One of the big goals that I placed is to write in my journal every day for the rest of the mission, something that I've been slacking off on a little bit.

Well I am looking forward to another great week in the mission, and I hope you all start of your 2016 well.

Elder Terry

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