Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 22


Week 22 over, and today marks exactly 5 months from flying over here to Peru! It definitely does not feel like that much time has past!

Well this week was really interesting.

Last P-day, we went over to Ascope, where the rest of our district is, and toured an abandoned cemetery. Yup we dug up a few graves, found a bunch of bones, and smashed every bottle we found. But afterward, we all went to go play pool in a really sketchy looking pool hall with graffiti on the walls and dents in the shape of pool balls, but it was a lot of fun.

Ok let's get to the good stuff! So we decided that we needed to move rooms because my old companion with his old companion got robbed when they were there, so we felt it unsafe to live there. We spent the whole week packing and preparing for the move, which we did on Friday. Here are some pics of what went down:
Old room emptied out
All our stuff waiting to be moved
My companion and I on the 3rd floor 
Moving it all of our stuff on a Peruvian tricycle
Our new room all set up
It was great! We had a total of 7 people to help us and a member that helped us find the room and got us the tricycle to move everything. Our new room is better in almost every way. It's a lot bigger, it's safer, and we are a lot closer to everything.

On Saturday, we went proselyting in Casa Grande (we go to a different area about every Saturday morning) and my companion found a nice graffiti:
Cool graffiti
Also, I was in the mission home today because apparently we are in the cleanest zone in the mission and we had a whole bunch of Papa John's pizza which was really great. Afterward, all of the sisters in the mission came over and I met Hermana Smith who you were talking about before. (Sister Smith's father, Charlie, and my dad grew up together in HB and even served their missions at the same time and were in the MTC together. Darin went to Taiwan and Charlie went to Italy).
Elder Terry and Sister Smith (middle) in the mission home
Well I'm out of time for this week. I'll talk back soon!

Elder Terry

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