Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 21


And it came to pass that twenty and one weeks were completed since Elder Terry had departed from his home in the land Bountiful in the area of California.

Haha well this week just flew by again, so there's not a whole lot to report on this week.

Let's see... P-day this week was great. We literally just slept the whole day and caught up on our energy for the week which I hear is not really common to do.

So far, things are going great with my new companion. It was our first whole week that we had without any changes or interruptions to Lima. Elder Cuevas is really funny and it's a nice break to be able to speak English for a change, but I feel like my Spanish skills are kind of slowing down a little.

Throughout this week, we decided to visit a few of the outlier cities that we have in our area, which are many. This week, we visited Farías, Sintuco, Mocollope, and La Constancia. Each of the towns are so small, I don't even know how they function, but it is great to see how humble and nice a lot of the people are to two strange gringos wandering their town. Each of the towns has about 3 members in each of them, which left us with some time to wander the town and get to know the people.

As a zone, we are all working really hard to raise our church attendance. Our attendance was around 25 when I started here, and just this last week, we got 35 people that showed up. We are also working to clean up our directory, because like a third of the people don't even live in our area anymore.

Well the work of salvation presses onward in the small town of Chocope and it is great. Until next week!

Elder Terry

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