Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 12


And that ends week 12 of me being here in Perú! So I've officially spent 6 weeks in the CCM and 6 in the field and I have to say, the 6 weeks in the field went by about 3 times faster than in the CCM.

The end of 6 weeks means time for changes! I don't change at all because I am in training for 12 weeks, but there are a few changes in our zone. So this new batch of missionaries coming in has 30 people, compared to our 15! So it turns out that every area out of the 9 areas in our zone is going to have a newer missionary except for the zone leaders, which is going to be very interesting.

So Saturday was a big day. All of the missionaries in Trujillo got the opportunity to hear from an apostle! Elder Anderson got to visit us, along with Elder Soares from the Presidency of the Seventy, and Elder Waddell who is the tallest member of the Seventy. It was pretty awesome! We all got to shake hands with all of them and we took a huge group picture which will probably be on the mission's blog page soon.
Trujillo Missionaries with Elder Anderson (Jordan is 4th row back near the center)
Zoomed in on Jordan in center of photo
The cool part about having these general authorities was none of their first languages is Spanish. Elder Waddell spoke in Spanish, but his wife had a translator for English. Elder Soares and his wife's first language is Portugese so Elder Soares's Spanish was half Spanish half Portugese and his wife had a translator into Spanish. And Elder Anderson served his mission in France, so his Spanish was a mixture with French and English which was pretty funny, and his wife spoke a little Spanish, but mostly English. The whole thing was pretty amazing and I definitely learned a lot!

Well this week we had another alma rescatada and this Saturday, we have a baptism planned! It's going to be for Hermano Segundo Díaz who is an elderly who is 75 years old and just loves listening to the gospel. I get the opportunity to baptize him as my first baptism in the mission! Information to come!

Oh yah and Sunday was really good. I got the opportunity to talk in sacrament meeting (unplanned) about repentance and the Atonement and it was cool to see how my Spanish is improving.

Well that's all I have for this week. Talk to you all soon!

Élder Terry

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