Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 11


And that ends week 11 of my mission and about a month of my time in the field.

This week was great. We got another Alma Rescatada who was a very interesting person. He is a great guy who is about 30 years old. He was really fun to teach because he was a little slow at times and he always gave really funny answers. For example, after having taught the Plan of Salvation, we asked him where his father is who had passed away and he said "In the cemetary." And we would ask him questions like, "Who was the first prophet?" and he would respond with something like "priesthood" or "Jesus Christ". But it is really great to see that he is back into the church and attending sacrament meeting each sunday.

Also, this last Friday, we had a missionary night with our branch where we had a bonfire to roast some hot dogs. The activity went fine and here is a picture that we took with some of the members and investigators:
But the hard part about this activity was the preparation. There are not many trees nearby so what we had to burn was the sugar cane in the nearby feilds. So earlier that day we went deep into one of the fields to find the right type of cane to burn, the kind that has a bit of alcohol in it, and we harvested the cane and brought it back. It was a neat and difficult experience to have to see what a lot of the Peruvians do here.

Also on Saturday, the mail came in and I got a few letters that were sent around the end of July. So Sister Gilbert sent a few from Sister Cindy Schlottman and Sister Genshey. It was great to see how much our ward supports the full time missionaries serving in the world, and It was great to read a little bit of Spanish from Sister Schlottman. All of the missionaries in our stake also received a letter from the stake presidency just updating how our stake is doing. Thanks to everyone that put in their time to write to the missionaries, the letters really mean a lot :).

Well that will do it for this week. Wish me luck in the upcoming!

Elder Terry

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