Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 16


And that ends week 16 of my mission.

Again, not too much to report on, but I wanted to talk a little about my P-day last week. After emailing, we went with our district to a tiny town right next to a hill to go climb it. It wasn't huge but it was a lot of fun. But our fun ended when my companion went on the other side of the hill and woke up a swarm of bees. He led them all to the top of the hill where everyone else was and they all started attacking us. The swarm went from head to head of each missionary and we were all sent running back down the hill. It was hilarious. I miraculously escaped without a single sting, but one of the missionaries ended up with 16. Best P-day yet!
Elder Terry and companion before attack by bees
On Wednesday, we had another opportunity to listen to another general authority. We got to hear from Elder Uceda, member of the 70 and the area president. It was great. The way that he talks is just great. He would be talking like normal and then out of nowhere, he would raise his voice as if he were yelling to get his point across. The way he spoke to us was extremely direct and exactly what we as missionaries needed.
Zona Casa Grande
Other than that, there's not much else to report on. Our baptism fell through and my companion only has 2 weeks until he's back in Bolivia. And that will do it for this week. Talk back soon!

Elder Terry

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