Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 94


Wow that week just flew by! Here we are in San Pedro and adapting to the transfers and getting to know the area and the people even more!

Well this email looks like it will just have a lot of photos, so here we go!

Last Monday after writing we were able to go to a pretty sweet lookout place with our district in the close city of Pacasmayo. Pacasmayo is an industrial beach city and is really beautiful and has a lot of tourists that come for the beach. We walked up a hill to a Christ statue that they have looking over all of Pacasmayo and the beach:

Also right next to the statue is a nice cemetery and a lookout of the beach:

Pretty cool picture spot!

Also this week we were able to do a service for some of the members in our branch. They work making adobe bricks passing the rice fields in the outer parts of San Pedro. I don't know how much we helped them but it was an amazing experience.

We had to walk through the rice field to get there:

The bricks are literally just made out of mud and part of the rice plant to make the mud stick better, so we got to break up some of the dirt and mix up some mud:

We also got to help them out in making some bricks by filling up the molds with the mud and taking out the mold. Pretty simple:

Well that's what they do every day as their job, just getting to play in the mud all day. haha
Also on Saturday, we had a baptism!
Her name was Yazurith and she had turned 9 without being baptized, so we helped them out with her conversion. We were also able to help her dad, Orlando, be prepared to baptize his daughter:
I know she's only 9, but she had learned a lot and also invited all of her best friends from school to go to her baptism:
Well that's all I got for this week and it looks like we have another coming baptism soon and we are also planning to go to the temple this Saturday as missionaries.

Until next week!
Elder Terry

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