Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 73


Well this was a pretty eventful week here in the Peru Trujillo North Mission.

On Wednesday, we had a meeting for trainers and new missionaries where we were able to see our progress and find out how to improve our companionship's and to communicate more to each other. We were also able to go to the temple at 6am to do a temple session and have a stronger Spirit throughout the meeting.
Also from Tuesday to Thursday we had another companionship of Elders who were also in their training stay and proselyte with us. We were with Elder Price from the same group as me and his son, Elder Logan. We got to do some splits and my companion got to see how much he had improved from the beginning.

On Friday we also had a ward missionary activity called "noche de postres" or dessert night. We coordinated with the members and were able to bring a lot of desserts and we personally were able to make some rico brownies. We had a lesson and a video and then just had fun eating up. Man they do love their desserts!

Then on Saturday we helped the Sisters in our ward move rooms, because they didn't have hot water, the electricity was terrible and they had an occasional rat that came by to visit them. But now they have a nice 2 story department, which is pretty awesome.

Last but not least, on Sunday we had a really cool and new type of stake conference. It was a broadcast that was shown in stake centers throughout all of Peru and Bolivia. We got to hear from Marcus B. Nash from the Seventy, Ulisses Soares from the Presidency of the Seventy, and also from Elder Anderson of the Twelve. They all gave their talks in Spanish which was super interesting especially with Elder Anderson who served his mission in France and lived in Brazil, so it turned out with a Spanish talk with a English/French/Portugese accent. He talked mainly about being a light and an example and how we can sacrifice to do these things.

Well that's all I got for this week, and even though there are many hard times, we are also able to see many miracles.

Elder Terry

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