Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 70


Well this was a pretty awesome week here in the mission!

The week started of great with a really cool p-day. We went over to a place in Trujillo called Conache which is a place that has a nice park and lagoon and is known for it's sand surfing hill. We started off eating lunch in the park and relaxing:
Afterward we decided it would be a good idea to clime the sand dune (in the backround) and it turned out to be a lot steeper than we thought:
But then we finally made it to the top and took some sweet pictures of the view:

After all of the work climbing up the hill, we ended up just running down in a manner of 2 minutes ending up with our shoes literally full of sand:
Well other than all of that, we also had a really spiritual week. It started with a Multi-Zone meeting that we had with us the Zona Central, Zona Primavera, y Zona Sierra. My companion and I learned a lot for our investigators and especially to help them understand the invitation of coming unto Christ. If you ask any one if they want to come unto Christ over 90% of them would say yes, but few are willing to put in the action to do it.

The next two days we were able to listen to the General Conference (in English) and I learned a lot! One of the talks that I really liked was by Elder Christofferson who talked about the purpose of having a church and not just worshipping Christ on our own, which is something that only a few people understand here.

Well another great week in the mission and really looking forward to what's ahead.

Elder Terry

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